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903 Landscape Supply

The Poconos Mountains Preferred Mulch Supplier

903 Landscape Supply is a trusted mulch supplier located in the Poconos Mountains. We specialize in all different types of mulch and topsoil, including playground, dyed, and natural mulch. Our large selection of mulch and topsoil supplies can work with a wide variety of different landscaping styles and soils. Get the best mulch for your next landscape project when you visit 903 Landscape Supply today!

Easy To Install Playground Mulch

Playground mulch is more coarse than traditional landscaping mulch. It is made from virgin wood, so the risk of contamination by foreign materials is very low. The coarse nature of playground mulch leaves air spaces between the pieces of mulch, which will compress to absorb impact. We recommend installing all playground mulch at a depth of 12 inches to see the maximum energy of absorption. If you are interested in purchasing playground mulch, visit our store or call today!

Environmentally-Friendly Natural Mulch

Natural mulch has grown as a landscaping option in recent years due to its environmentally friendly ingredients. As a mulch supplier in the Poconos Mountains, 903 Landscape Supply makes it a priority to offer mulch supplies that will improve your yard without hurting the environment. Natural mulches are typically made from tree roots, barks, or tops that have been in the ground twice. They are not treated with any dyes or chemicals. This type of mulch is preferred to dyed mulches for weed control in gardens where you will be working with soil often. The one downside of natural mulch is that in order to darken the color, it is generally ground finer and aged. This aging process will shorten the life of the material on your site. However, the environmental and bug-repelling properties of natural mulch make it a great option for many homes or businesses.

Use our bulk material calculator to see how much mulch or topsoil your next project will need before you even visit our store!

natural mulch supplier

Natural Brown Mulch

cedar mulch

Cedar Mulch (Special Order)

playground mulch

Playground Mulch

Dyed Mulch Available In A Wide Variety of Colors

The final type of mulch we offer to our PA clients is dyed mulch. This is the most common type of mulch used and is available in a wide variety of natural colors like black, brown, and sun-kissed red. Made from reclaimed wood from manufacturing or recycled pallets, dyed mulch can help to relieve landfills and last for a 3-4 year period of time. However, due to the dye, you may see some pieces of wood in your mulch that are painted another color, or the dyes can leave stains on clothing or concrete if you are not careful. The quality of dyed mulch can vary widely from each manufacturer, which is why you can trust 903 Landscape Supply as your mulch supplier. We only offer mulch from top-rated brands and always make sure they are made of the best raw materials available.

As a renowned mulch supplier, we often offer discounts to landscape companies or contractors; see if you qualify by calling us today!

dyed black mulch

Dyed Black Mulch

dyed brown mulch

Dyed Brown Mulch

sun-kissed red mulch

Sun-Kissed Red Mulch

Pre-Screened Topsoil Supplies Perfect For Your Backyard

What is the difference between mulch and topsoil? Topsoil contains organic matter, while anything that has less than 2% organic matter is not topsoil; it is instead considered fill or dirt. The Poconos Mountain region, where we are topsoil suppliers, is not known for having great topsoil; instead, we have rocks and clay. This can make your landscaping job more difficult before it’s even begun. Because there is no close, reliable source for topsoil on top of a mountain, most soils are imported from the valleys that surround the Poconos Mountains region. Finding the right balance for your topsoil supplies is something you won’t have to worry about when coming to 903 Landscape Supply. We typically have access to the following topsoil supplies:

  • Berm, clay based
  • Fill Dirt, 1″ screened
  • Mushroom Compost
  • Raingarden Soil Blend (Special Order)
  • Topsoil, Premium Composted (Black Gold)
  • Topsoil, 3/4″ Screened
  • Topsoil, Unscreened

All the topsoil supplies at 903 Landscape Supply are screened and ready to go. Shop all our landscaping materials when you visit us today!

Get The Best Mulch Supplies In The Poconos Mountains With 903 Landscape Supply!

903 Landscape Supply is happy to offer the best landscape products and materials to our Jim Thorpe and surrounding PA clients. All our playground, dyed, and natural mulches are easy to use and long-lasting. Our topsoil supplies are screened every single time to ensure that you have the best product to use in your yard or business. Apart from our great products, we also offer rental equipment to help you complete your next landscaping project all on your own. Contact us today to get a free quote on your mulch supplies!

Bulk Materials Calculator

The following calculator is used to gain an estimate of materials needed to fill an area:

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**Disclaimer** This calculator is for estimation purposes only. It is usual and customary to round quantities UP to allow for variations in original grade.

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