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Jackhammer, Electric

Lets pound it out! We have the rental equipment ready to go for your hammering, drilling, chipping, compaction and breaking requirements.

Electric jackhammers have become a staple for small to medium sized demolition projects due to their extreme portability and brute force. This hammer comes with 3 points for your convenience; moil or sharp point, thin flat blade chisel and 3″ wide blade chisel. Weighing in at just under 80 lbs, we keep this demolition hammer easy to transport with a (provided) hand cart.

Electrical requirements: 110V
Power Consumption: 20Amp
Power Rating: 1 HP
Weitht: 80 Lbs without cart

Dimensions (LxWxH): 25" x 6" x 44"

Weight: 80 LB

Power: 1 HP

Day Rate: $77.00 Per Day

Weekend Rate: $115.50 Per Weekend

Weekly Rate: $231.00 Per Week

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Weight58123926 oz
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