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Plate Tamper, Reversible Vibratory

Reversible plate tampers or vibratory plates get the work done faster due to higher compaction forces and greater maneuverability. Hydraulically controlled reversing mechanisms are durable and operator friendly. Integrated wheels on the rear of the unit make transportation easier. Our reversible plate tamper for rent is ideal for trenches, paving stones, paths, sidewalks and maintenance jobs.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 28 " x 16" X 42"

Weight: 309

Power: 5.5 hp

Capacity: 5245 SF per hour, 5600 lb centrifugal force

Day Rate: $121.00 Per Day

Weekend Rate: $181.50 Per Weekend

Weekly Rate: $363.00 Per Week

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Weight58123926 oz
PPL Energy Efficent American Rental Assosciation Greater Lehigh Valley Chamber of Commerce

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